WELCOME TO DAVID BERRY ONLINE a site dedicated to Australian/Canadian actor David Berry. Best known as Lord John Grey in the STARz television time traveling drama OUTLANDER, David has also starred in the series A PLACE TO CALL HOME as James Bligh. Please feel free to come back and check out what David is doing. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS policy.

“Outlander” Fan Accounts

A poster on Twitter asked about OUTLANDER fan accounts to follow. I asked Angus Angels, also known as Jackie Merrill, to compile for me a master list of all the fan accounts available to follow. Here is that list. Thank you so much Angus Angels/Jackie for doing this. You’re an ace. Each list is separated into a general list for the show, then the actors. Each will be clickable. “*” Denotes accounts from this author. If I have incorrectly linked your account, please contact me with a correction. If you would like an add as a fan account, please submit to the above contact link.

General Outlander:

Sam Heughan:
*(Fan account for Sam Heughan Online)

Caitriona Balfe:

Tobias Menzies
*(Fan account for Tobias Menzies Online)

Duncan Lacroix:
*(Fan account for Duncan Lacroix Online)

Richard Rankin:

Sophie Skelton:

David Berry:
*(Fan account for David Berry Online)

César Domboy:

Lauren Lyle:

Caitlin O’Ryan:

Charlie Hyatt:

Tim Downie:

Andrew Gower

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