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“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: E1X02 Murder On the Bellarat Train” Screencaps
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“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: E1X02 Murder On the Bellarat Train” Screencaps

This is David’s very first television appearance. Here David plays the part of Alistair Herbert. In episode four of the OUTCASTS podcast with Tim Downie (Governor Tryon), and Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Wemyss), David said of the character,

“In the script I had this scene where I play the killer. For anyone who watches this now there’s a spoiler about we find that out out at the very end, and I say spoiler because we played the last scene first. And in the last scene in all these kind of crime shows, there’s the big denouement, and there’s a big dramatic scene. And and it’s not the way you want to ease into your first day. And this scene called upon me, I had said going to be strangling this other guy with thisgiant boat oar. I’m having this big dramatic scene and like expressing to this person about why I actually did kill this person. And then the cops come in and then the cops are holding a gun at me. And then I get the oar and I have to like, hit it out of the cop’s hand, and then the cop gets me, and gets me on the ground, and then I start crying and that’s the scene. This is my first day and I was saying, ‘So when are we rehearsing this?’ And they’re saying, ‘You’re like doing it now!’ And then I’m like, ‘Right!’ And then I remember having such a panic about it….”

Too cute I think. He didn’t do badly for his first program, though I think he’d likely say otherwise.

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