WELCOME TO DAVID BERRY ONLINE a site dedicated to Australian/Canadian actor David Berry. Best known as Lord John Grey in the STARz television time traveling drama OUTLANDER, David has also starred in the series A PLACE TO CALL HOME as James Bligh. Please feel free to come back and check out what David is doing. This site has a strict NO CANDIDS policy.
Going Forward …..
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Going Forward …..

Now I have all of the event images of David I have up in the gallery, plus the stills and promotional images from OUTLANDER, going forward I’ll be posting screencaps as I can. The reason I say this is I have three other OUTLANDER-based sites including Sam Heughan Online, Tobias Menzies Online, and David Berry Online in which I have to screencap. I plan on doing the herculean effort of editing each actor as I go. Fortunately I have all of Tobias’ season one work done, but I will be working on Sam and Duncan, then David when he comes up. Please subscribe to this site’s Twitter feed to keep updated when things are posted. Thank you for your patience.

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